Mijia Smart Clothes Drying Machine

Mijia Smart Clothes Drying Machine Went On Sale

On April 15, Xiaomi released the Mijia smart clothes dryer with a crowdfunding price of 849 yuan ($120), marking Xiaomi’s formal entry into the smart drying industry.

It is reported that the Mijia smart clothes dryer can be controlled by the Mijia app in addition to the wireless remote control. The 35kg heavy load can meet the family’s clothes drying needs.

Today, the Mijia Smart Clothes Drying Machine officially went on sale at a price of 899 yuan ($127).

Say goodbye to the traditional way of drying clothes. You can use the wireless remote control to realize the lifting, lowering and lighting of the drying machine. You can also use the Mijia app to smartly control it as well as the Xiao Ai voice control.

In addition, the Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer also supports a different kind of ‘play’. When the clothes dryer is lowered to a suitable height, gently hold the hand and the clothes machine stops descending. After hanging the clothes, push the hand up and the clothes dryer will begin to rise.

Key Features of the Mijia Smart Clothes Drying Machine

The Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer can bear 35Kg. It adopts ingenious telescopic design. After unfolding, the clothes bar can reach 2.2m. It comes with 24 clothes holes. The retractable double drying quilt rods support the drying needs of large home textile bedding.

When the Mijia smart clothes dryer is installed, the balcony does not need to be equipped with ceiling lights. The large-area LED energy-saving light-emitting panel can meet the lighting needs of all corners of the balcony. It is convenient for the whole family to dry and take clothes at night.

The host is made of ABS + PC material. The minimalist vision is suitable for a variety of home decoration designs. Whether the balcony is a cement roof, gypsum roof, solid wood roof, or suspended ceiling, it can be installed without worries.

In addition, the Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer adopts CARL JACOBI intelligent AC motor and has 4 kinds of safety protection. In case of overpressure and overheating during the lifting process, it will automatically slow down and stop. It will stop when it is overweight to protect the machine. Also, the buzzer sounds will remind users to use clothes dryers reasonably.

Xiaomi official also provides a 2-year warranty and free on-site installation services, and free old hanger removal services for upgraded users.


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