Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L Starts Crowdfunding At 449 Yuan ($69)

Today, following the schedule, the Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L started crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin. The original price is 499 yuan ($77), and the crowdfunding price is 449 yuan ($69).

The Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L adopts a 3mm thick base material liner, and the surface is sprayed with a new generation of Daikin PFA powder non-stick coating. So it can withstand 2500 laboratory cooking tests without falling off. In other words, this kitchen product is going to serve you for a long time.

It also uses an IH surround heating technology with a 360° surround heating. Apart from high efficiency, it has a large firepower. The Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L supports custom taste control, personalized adjustment of the softness and hardness of rice grains, repeated tests at different altitudes and rice types, and accumulated more than 3000 rice cooking plans.

Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L

It also uses a spherical pressure accumulating valve design to form a micro-pressure cooking space. So the nutrition and sweetness of the rice grains are fully released, and the rice is fragrant.

This product not only can cook rice. The Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L is also good at stewing. It can teach you how to make cakes, seafood vermicelli pot, and other food.

In terms of appearance, the Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L adopts a minimalist design, with a small round black screen on the top, reminders of appointment information, cooking status, and remaining cooking time at a glance.

It also supports NFC, which can be used to quickly start smart kitchen scenes. Of course, as a Mijia product, it supports the connection of Xiaoai speakers, and various functions can be completed by voice operation.

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