Mijia Smart Side Range Hood Cooker Set Released

This morning, Xiaomi Youpin announced through the official Weibo channel that the Mijia smart side range hood cooker set was officially launched. Moreover, the pre-sales of this amazing product has already started. This is the first Mijia side suction type stove set. The price is 1598 yuan ($226), and the pre-sale price is 1499 yuan ($212).

Note: It isn’t the first range hood that would be released by the company, though. Last year, the MIJIA Smart Smoke Stove with a vented range hood was launched. The difference here is that last year’s model had a range hood that hovers above the stove.

the Mijia smart side range hood cooker set

About the Mijia smart side range hood cooker set, the company has officially said:

  • smoke stove intelligent interconnection’
  • easy to deal with ignition and exhaust cooking;
  • super suction power;
  • equipped with a wide smoke screen;
  • nowhere to escape the fumes
  • farewell to the era of fume.

In addition, it also emphasized the intelligent interconnection of the range hoods and stoves. It can realize the characteristics of automatic smoke exhaustion when cooking and the strong wind.

The range hood is mounted on the sidewall and does not hover above the cooker. The kitchen hood is definitely the major highlight of the cooker set. It packs a more powerful suction and a wider vent which ensures smoke is efficiently evacuated from the kitchen.

According to the introduction of the official website, this product has the characteristics of high air volume of 20 cubic meters/min, side suction speed row design, automatic cruise supercharging, 4200W large firepower, 230° step-less fire adjustment, and 10 safety guarantees.

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