Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L: Crowdfunding price is 269 yuan (41.39$)

Xiaomi Home announced today that the Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L will start crowdfunding at 10:00 on March 17. Its retail price is 299 yuan (45.96$) and also the crowdfunding price will be 269 ​​yuan (41.39$). Of course, the price is more affordable. This product can generate steam while baking, ensuring the soft taste of the food.

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The Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L adopts NTC intelligent electronic temperature control technology. Moreover the latter  can precisely control the degree of baking, the time setting is accurate to 1 second. And in addition the temperature is accurate to 1°C to ensure proper taste. This smart oven can be controlled with a mobile app. And at the same time it can query recipes to help cooking.

Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L Features

From the appearance point of view, the Mijia smart steam oven 12L adopts a pure white cylinder design. It is like a reduced version of the Mijia smart steam oven. Although the sparrow is small, this small oven has more functions. Each recipe is tailor-made for the product, and the heating time and temperature are all intelligently controlled by the body. You can cook with one button, which greatly improves the success rate.

The Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L also has a power of 1300W and is heated by a quartz tube, which can eliminate the need for preheating and reduce cooking time during simple cooking. Toast mode can add 5ml of water through the water injection port, the oven will generate steam, will form a water film on the toast surface to maintain a soft taste. The product will be crowd funded simultaneously at 10:00 tomorrow at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home, and it is expected to be shipped on April 7.

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