Mijia Smart Sterilization Humidifier Went on Sale at 249 Yuan ($35)

Xiaomi’s new Mijia smart sterilization humidifier went on sale at 10am today, priced at 249 yuan ($35). It has a UV-C instant sterilization system to help release pure and healthy water mist. It can be sterilized first, then humidified, and help you create a comfortable and humid home.

Mijia smart sterilization humidifier

The source of humidified water is very important. Tap water will inevitably contain germs. Pure water is also prone to breed bacteria when it is left in the water tank for a long time. Before each sterilization humidifier, water must flow into the UV-C sterilization area, to immediate sterilization purification and to avoid the storage of water pollution.

Its shape is very similar to the previously released Xiaomi router AC2100.

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The new water-supplying body structure of Mijia smart sterilization humidifier can directly cover the water, supplying halfway without separating the water tank. As you understand, this will save time and effort.

Using light sound technology, the Mijia smart sterilization humidifier is accurate and stable when replenishing water. It gradually drives, reducing the noise of water replenishment as much as possible.

The Mijia smart sterilization humidifier uses ceramic core high-frequency atomizing sheet, which can atomize the water source into 1-5 micron particles. Also, it erupt quickly through the mist-guiding channel, with a mist volume of up to 300mL/h.

The water tank is expanded to a large capacity of 4.5L, which is equivalent to about 18 bottles of 250mL of mineral water. Once filled with water, it can continue to humidify for 12-15 hours. Say goodbye to the trouble of repeatedly adding water back and forth and getting up in the middle of the night to add water.


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