Mijia Smart Wall Socket Released: Voice Control By Xiao Ai

On January 13, the Mijia Smart Wall Socket will launch a new product crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall. The product is currently on the shelves, the original price is 59 yuan ($10). The crowdfunding price is 49 yuan ($7.5).

Mijia Smart Socket Bluetooth Gateway

Before this, Xiaomi also launched the Mijia Smart Socket Bluetooth Gateway version. Users can remotely monitor household appliances plugged into the Bluetooth gateway version of the Mijia smart socket through the Mijia App. You can also switch electrical appliances remotely, which is convenient for life and avoids potential safety hazards in electricity use. At the same time, you can use the Bluetooth gateway version of the Mijia Smart Socket with smart voice devices equipped with Xiaoi Ai to realize voice control of the switches of home appliances.

Mijia Smart Wall Socket

Mijia Smart Wall Socket

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wall Socket can directly replace traditional sockets to realize whole-house intelligence. It also has Xiao Ai voice control, power statistics, intelligent linkage, OTA upgrade and other features. It can supply power for high-power appliances such as water heaters and ovens. The socket can realize the functions of Xiaoai voice control, Mijia APP remote control, timer switch and power statistics. You can use this socket with other smart devices to obtain a rich smart home experience.

Open the Mijia app to set the switching time as required: timer switch and countdown switch. The switch can also be controlled remotely. In winter night, turn on the electric blanket switch on the way after get off work. So you can enjoy the warm bed when you get home, eliminating the waiting time. Through the Bluetooth mesh gateway, the Mijia smart wall socket can be connected to the Xiaomi loT platform. It can be linked with more devices in the home. For example, after powering a traditional wall-hung boiler through a smart wall socket, when you leave home, turn on the arming mode of the Xiaomi smart lock to automatically shut down the wall-hung boiler. At the same time, it also has OTA capability. It continuously improves and upgrades, making your smart socket smarter and smarter.

Mijia Smart Wall Socket

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