Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 2 Launched At 1799 Yuan ($278)

Today, the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 was released. It is now available for pre-sale in all channels of Xiaomi. The retail price is 1799 yuan ($278), and the initial price is 1599 yuan ($247).

Compared with the first-generation Mijia sweeping and dragging robot, the second-generation has three new functions and two major upgrades.

The new functions are: high-frequency sonic vibration mop, antibacterial mop, and laser obstacle avoidance system.

The Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 simulates the manual reciprocating path of wiping the ground, with up to 10,000 sound waves per minute, mopping the ground, and the dirt on the ground is removed without a trace.

Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2

It also comes with a microfiber antibacterial mop, with an antibacterial rate of 99.9%, which can remove all visible dirt and invisible bacteria. At the same time, the water from the water tank can evenly penetrate into the fiber layer of the mop, which can effectively remove stains, that is, drag and dry quickly, and it is not easy to leave water marks and avoid damaging the floor.

The previous generation had an outdated mechanical obstacle avoidance that sensed obstacles through collisions, while the second generation added a laser obstacle avoidance system, equipped with 8 dToF laser obstacle avoidance sensors, which can effectively prevent jams and accidental collisions.

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 has two major upgrades: the suction power is upgraded from 2100Pa to 2800Pa; the water tank is upgraded from 180ml to 190ml.

In addition, the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 supports room exclusive management and customized cleaning. The cleaning sequence of the bedroom, living room, and kitchen can be set as needed to avoid secondary pollution. Also, the appropriate suction and water volume can be adjusted according to the ground material to customize an exclusive cleaning plan.

It also supports Xiao Ai’s voice linkage, adding a designated area cleaning password, which can be easily manipulated in one sentence.


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