Mijia Table Lamp Lite

Mijia Table Lamp Lite Officially Released At 79 Yuan ($11)

Today, Xiaomi officially released the Mijia Table Lamp Lite today, priced at 79 yuan ($11). As you see, it’s a quite affordable product. That’s why it’s known as ‘one penny and two cents lamp’.

The table lamp has national standard A-level illumination, three blocks and good light. Also, it comes with a multi-angle adjustment.

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The illuminance at the center of the Mijia Table Lamp Lite is as high as 1200lx, which meets the national A-level illuminance standard. The double-lens uniform light technology expands the illuminated area to make the light more uniform and softly brighten the entire desktop. Writing and painting are no longer restricted. Let your mind create.

Mijia Table Lamp Lite

The Mijia table lamp Lite has passed the photo-biological safety test of professional organizations. And it has no blue light hazard and no video flash. So now parents can breathe calmly.

In the use applications, the Mijia Table Lamp Lite presets three lighting modes: bottom light, middle light and high light. They help users protect their eyes on the meeting basic lighting requirements.

It supports three levels of dimming – light touch, turn on the light, and turn off the light; long press the switch to adjust the brightness. It is easy to operate and it easily meet lighting needs.

The base is small and compact, which saves desktop space. And the shaft design is very flexible, which can achieve 218° upside down and 180° horizontal flip.

Mijia Table Lamp Lite

In fact, Xiaomi has a number of similar products. And we have to state all those lamps are considered to be high-end products with the best quality.


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