Mijia Wireless Soft Furniture Cleaner Went On Crowdfunding

Today, Xiaomi eco-chain enterprises launched new home appliances as well as in-car smart products one after another. Following the release of Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner in March, Mijia wireless soft furniture cleaner has been also announced. It will open crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall at 10:00 on August 14. The retail price is 549 yuan ($77), while the crowdfunding price is 499 yuan ($71).

The Mijia wireless soft furniture cleaner uses an 850,000rpm high-speed motor and the 16kPa powerful suction. Xiaomi also assembled multi-vertex cyclone separation technology on this new generation wireless cleaner. So the whole machine can realize a four-fold filtration system, which can absorb 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Combined with 12800 beats/minute high-frequency depth tapping, hot air drying, and UV light, it can also deeply destroy the growth environment of locusts while killing and inhibit the breeding of mites from the source.

The Mijia wireless soft furniture cleaner adopts a 20cm open-type large suction port design to fit the surface of the mattress and increase the effective removal area. The large curved handle and the rear-mounted double roller make the touch process more comfortable, easier to push when used, and the matching brush cover prevents the sheets from getting caught.

The tamper control button is set on the handle and provides four modes: standard mode, smooth suction mode, smooth suction heating, and standard heating mode.

In the standard mode, the battery life is up to 28 minutes, which is enough to complete the cleaning of the whole house. It is also very convenient to charge. The special charging board will automatically stop when fully charged.

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