Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV Pro Exposure: Tegra x1+ Chip and New Controller

NVIDIA’s Shield TV is one of the best Android TV boxes on the market. However, the latest version of the device was released in 2017. However, according to previous news, Nvidia has been developing a new Shield TVT. Now, according to the now removed Amazon website page, the new Shield TV will bring a faster Tegra X1 + processor and new remote control, the name For Shield TV Pro.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

In appearance, Shield TV Pro is the same as the 2017 updated Shield TV. The same design, the same size, the same port, the same optional stand. Even the specifications are basically the same. Shield TV Pro still has 16GB of flash and 3GB of RAM. But Nvidia made two major improvements here: the new Tegra X1 + processor replaces the standard X1 chip on older models and runs at 25% faster.

Shield TV Pro will also have a new bundled remote with an interesting triangular design, motion-activated backlit buttons, built-in remote locator. And multiple up buttons for media control only (including customizable Menu button).

In addition, the new Shield TV Pro adds more new features: Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound will be supported on the old Dolby Atmos. The new processor will also support Nvidia’s so-called “AI upgrade”. The company says “clearer, clearer, real-time enhanced video to 4K resolution.”

Like the old Shield TV, users can still use the device as a Plex media server, SmartThings hub, 4K Chromecast device on the new Shield TV Pro. You can control it through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It will also continue to run the Android TV system. It will offer the same apps and games as NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service.

According to Amazon’s related webpage, Nvidia Shield TV Pro is price at US$199.99 (approximately RMB1415) and will be released on October 28.

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