OnePlus TV is Close to Launch, Remote Control Clears Bluetooth Certification

OnePlus is a popular Chinese tech company with a huge customer base in the Smartphone industry. Recently, it was in the news that it is thinking of expanding business dormitories with its own Oneplus TV set.

Late back in September, the company announced this information and later tended to ask fans to suggest a name for the product. The OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed some time before that the TV is underway the advanced stages of development.

Along with, news has come out that Bluetooth certification agency SIG has passed the OnePlus remote control, naming RC-001A. The TV set will support a Bluetooth 4.2 and certification points that we will come to hear more information soon about the OnePlus TV.

In April, the company CEO mentioned that remote control seemed outdated to me and I think to use AI to provide the information to the users. Despite this statement, it seems that the TV set will hit the market with a remote-control device. For the audience, TV remains a big mystery because there are no spec-sheet leaks yet.

OnePlus TV: Speculated Spec-sheet

But if we focus on some rumors, the OnePlus TV will get a 4K HDR display along with an AI Assistant (just like Google Assistant). Correspondingly, the remote device will have a dedicated AI Assistant button that can be used to operate the functions.

As per the speculations, the OnePlus TV will be introduced in India exclusively on Amazon online platform. After that, it will hit the physical market shelves. The major focus of the company is to compete with Xiaomi’s Mi TV. It is proliferating in India with a stunning user-base across the country.

It is said the launch might be near, so for all the details further, do follow our blog. And do get around other daily news and deals.

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