Redmi MAX 86” smart TV

Redmi MAX 86” smart TV Officially Announced At 7,999 yuan ($1239)

At today’s conference, Redmi also released the Redmi MAX 86” smart TV. This is the second super-large screen product in the Redmi MAX smart TV series, inheriting the excellent genes of the Redmi MAX smart TV. The price of Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is much lower than the average price in the industry. At the same time, it aims at the pain point of super-large screen TV. We are talking about its size and that it cannot enter the elevator with packaging. This is the largest TV with packaging that can enter the elevator. The price of Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is only 7,999 yuan ($1239). The pre-sale has already started.

In March last year, Redmi Smart TV MAX 98″ was released, which alone drove the sales of the entire super-large screen TV market to climb.

Redmi MAX 86” smart TV

As the second masterpiece of the Redmi MAX smart TV series, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV was established at the beginning of the project. The entire Redmi product team was determined to work hard on packaging to make the delivery of super-large screen TVs easier.

After actual testing of 330 elevators in 58 cities, Redmi’s self-developed black technology “Elevator Does Not Block” came out. The “Redmi MAX 86” smart TV is the first super-large screen product to adopt this special-shaped design packaging solution.

A large screen should be a good screen

The industry does not have a clear definition of super-large-screen TVs. In terms of size, TVs larger than 82 inches can be collectively referred to as super-large-screen TVs. But Redmi believes that if a TV only has a screen size up to the standard but other functions shrink, it will be difficult to match the extreme name of the Redmi MAX smart TV. Therefore, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV starts from the original point and carefully refines this good screen.

The screen quality of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is inherently outstanding. It uses an 86-inch 4K ultra-high-definition screen. The screen size is equivalent to four 43-inch TVs, the large size brings a shocking and immersive look and feel, making you feel like you are in a private place cinema.

Redmi MAX 86” smart TV

The Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV has achieved DCI-P3 92% wide color gamut coverage, with 10bit professional color depth, 1.07 billion colors. It can accurately and delicately restore the beautiful light and shadow of nature, color accuracy reaches dE 2, which is comparable to professional level monitor.

Picture quality

The key factors affecting TV picture quality are hardware and algorithms. In hardware, the pros and cons of the backlight system often play a decisive role. Ordinary TVs only use general side-type or direct-type backlights, without adding partitioned light control technology, which makes the picture contrast have a natural bottleneck and cannot provide higher quality pictures. The Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV has a 90-zone dynamic backlight system, which can provide the required backlight intensity according to the specific content of the screen.

In terms of image quality algorithms, derived from this deeply customized “strong core”, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV can intelligently analyze, recognize, and tune the picture-AI dynamic scene recognition, and multiple scenes can be synchronized frame by 22 frames image quality algorithms, intelligently adjust color, sharpness, and contrast, and enhance image expression in all directions

The Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV also realizes full support for Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision) HDR, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG, which can be called an HDR certification grand slam. Dolby Vision has never appeared on a TV screen.

A game partner and an office assistant

Data shows that from January to May 2020, the sales volume of super-large screen TVs over 75 inches increased by 109.6% year-on-year; sales over 80 inches increased by 54.2% year-on-year; sales over 100 inches increased by 92% year-on-year. We can see that users’ enthusiasm for super-large-screen TVs continues to rise. But when projected on the market scale, the market share of super-large-screen TVs is still very low. Price is the biggest hindrance factor.

At present, the price of large-screen TVs with 82 inches or more on the market is generally above 15,000 yuan ($2324), and the high price discourages some potential consumers. Redmi adheres to the original intention of “popularizing high-end products” and combines the advantages of Xiaomi’s supply chain to introduce Redmi MAX 86″ smart TVs to the market at a price full of sincerity.

Redmi MAX 86” smart TV

To clear away the price barrier, it is necessary to deeply understand the actual needs of users for super-large screen TVs. From the portraits of users of Redmi Smart TV MAX 98”, a considerable number of users use super-large screen TVs to connect to game consoles and as large conference screens. For this reason, the Redmi MAX 86” smart TVs also correspond to these usage scenarios.

For game console users, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV comes with HDMI 2.1 standard interface. This interface is of great significance to gamers, because the ultra-large bandwidth brought by the HDMI 2.1 standard interface can transmit 120Hz game images at 4K resolution, ensuring that players can experience really high-quality and smooth game graphics. In addition, the VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low-latency mode, which have greatly improved the gaming experience. Xbox Series X and PS5 game consoles also support these two technologies. The Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV can perfectly match the latest features of this generation of game consoles.

For meeting office users, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV launches a non-interference and pure office mode based on MIUI for TV 3.0. This aggregates all office needs on one screen. The Redmi MAX smart TV is like an AI assistant, making meetings purer. At the same time, it covers three mainstream screencasting protocols and 7 kinds of screencasting methods. Also, the screen can be cast without the Internet. It supports seamless switching of standard, children, minimalist, and office modes.


The original intention of the Redmi MAX smart TV series is to use the concept of “popularization of high-end products”. So every family can enjoy the leapfrog audio-visual enjoyment brought by super-large screen TVs. As a pioneer, the Redmi MAX Smart TV 98” has become the industry benchmark, while Redmi MAX 86” Smart TV will continue to uphold the vision of “moving people’s hearts and fair prices”.

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