Redmi Smart TV MAX With 98-inch Display Released

The Redmi brand has previously released two TV products, 40-inch and 70-inch. Recently, the company stated there will be a ‘larger screen product’. Considering that the Xiaomi brand TV is currently only 75 inches, it has been generally expected that Redmi’s new TV will also be 75 inches. But we didn’t expect Redmi to achieve 100 inches at once! This is the brand-new ‘Redmi Smart TV MAX’, which is 13.6% larger than a single bed of 1.2 meters and flat like a table tennis table.

In terms of appearance materials, the dark black stainless steel frame uses the metal drawing process. The width of the four frames remains the same, only 12.8mm, and the screen ratio is as high as 98.8%.

Redmi Smart TV Max

Redmi’s 98-inch TV screen supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, color gamut covers 85% NTSC, 192 partition dynamic backlighting, has ultra-high dynamic contrast, outstanding display effects, and has MEMC motion compensation and more than 20 image quality tuning technologies.

In terms of core hardware, the Redmi Smart TV MAX uses a custom 12nm chip (Cortex A55 + Mali G31 MP2) and provides 4GB + 64GB storage capacity. The interfaces include 3 HDMI, 1 AV, 2 USB, 1 network port, 1 S/PDIF, and 2x8W speakers.

Lu Weibing quoted relevant data at the press conference and stated that in January, only 82 units of 98-inch TVs in the Chinese market were sold. In addition to the high price, the installation was too complicated and the key reason.

The system is still MIUI custom PatchWall, with Bluetooth voice remote control. So you can wake up Xiao Ai with one click.

Redmi Smart TV Max

To this end, Redmi provides a one-stop exclusive VIP customized delivery service, from order to delivery for 30 days full service, including pre-sales communication, site surveys, issuing installation plans, professional team delivery, etc.

The Redmi 98-inch TV is priced at 19,999 yuan ($2830), and will be first sold at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home at 10:00 on April 9, supporting the corporate group purchases.

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