Zhimi Smart Air Heater Now Supports Voice Control

Smart Air Heater

The Zhimi Smart Air Heater started spot crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin, with a price of 799 yuan ($113). It has a 90° super wide-angle air supply and 2000W rapid heating capacity. At the same time, it supports intelligent remote control. Users who participate in crowdfunding also have the opportunity to get free bills.

The Zhimi smart heater uses high-efficiency PTC ceramic heating element with a strong 2000W heating capacity. It can be heated quickly when the airflow passes through. The temperature of the heating element can reach the state of the continuous output of warm air in 10 seconds after turning on. The 90° wide-angle dynamic air supply can effectively increase the heating area. So the soft warm air can enter the surrounding environment, taking care of every corner of the room.

Smart Air Heater

Apart from this, the Zhimi Smart Air Heatersupports two modes of warm air and hot air, and four-speed appointment timing adjustment. The unique oblique fan impeller ensures sufficient air supply and comfortable wind feeling. It can also effectively reduce the friction caused by wind resistance and cutting airflow, and reduce the operating noise.

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In addition to the fuselage buttons, the Zhimi smart heater is also equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless remote control. It makes daily control more convenient.

How To Control Zhimi Smart Air Heater?

In terms of intelligent control, Zhimi smart heater supports an AI voice control and a mobile app remote control. In case you can’t find the remote control, a simple sentence or just opening the mobile app can bring you “warmth”.

Smart Air Heater

At the same time, the smart air heater can also be linked with the smart air humidifier and the Mijia air purifier connected through the Mijia app. In this way, you can control the temperature, the humidity and the cleanliness of the air in the room from one place.

The whole machine of Zhimi intelligent heater adopts RoHS-certified environmentally friendly materials. It does not produce unpleasant odors during daily use and has greatly improved safety performance. Coupled with the dual safety protection of built-in dumping power failure and overheating protection, you will not worry about safety.


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