Stone Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 Coming Soon

This morning, Stone Technology officially poster a few posters to promote the new Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6. As you guess, through those posters, it revealed multiple features of this new product.

The company said that the new Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 is the first vacuum cleaner using a polymer ultralight battery, with 150W suction power and 90 minutes of battery life. The host weight is 1.4kg. At the same time, the anodized aluminum alloy floor stand is a standard. The surface is frosted. In addition, the polymer ultra-light battery used in the Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 has a longer high rate discharge cycle life. It is 4 times that of ordinary cylindrical lithium batteries.

This product is also a Xiaomi crowdfunding product and will be launched on April 1 at on the Xiaomi Youpin App.

However, just recently, this company released the next-gen sweeping robot. The new Stone Sweeping Robot T7 has a new RR Mason 7.0 algorithm system, a 297ml constant-voltage intelligent water tank, multi-map management 4.0, and an upgraded 2500Pa suction power.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a constant-voltage water tank with a peristaltic pump solution. It has a capacity of 297 ml. In the “small water volume” mode, it can tow up to 250 square meters in a single operation.

In addition, the Stone Sweeping Robot T7 supports the automatic identification of multi-floor maps. It can memorize and edit 4 maps at the same time. When changing floors and cleaning, the robot can automatically identify the floor, load the corresponding map and start working.

It is priced at 2899 yuan ($409), and is now available for purchase. There are white marble and marble gold colors.


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