TCL•XESS Smart Screen Announced, Coming In The 4th Quarter

Today TCL·XESS released new smart screen products in Shenzhen. This is the second time since TCL and Tencent launched iCE SCREEN smart screen in 2012. Probably, not to allow Huawei to feel comfortable in the TV niche, they released the TCL·XESS smart screen products again.

TCL•XESS smart screen

TCL·XESS Smart Screen Features

The TCL·XESS has no boot ads, and changes the traditional GUI graphics interaction to VUI voice interaction, supporting multiple rounds of voice conversations. In the actual experience, TCL·XESS smart screen also supports an interesting function – shake the phone to make the TV understand you want to rotate the screen orientation ​​from the horizontal to the vertical. In terms of interacting with the smartphone, this TV has a dual-screen function. So you can even reply to the smartphone message while watching something on the big screen.

Apart from this, the TCL·XESS smart screen adopts a 55-inch full-screen design with a screen ratio of 95.9%. When rotated into a vertical screen, the visual effect is 100 times that of a 5.5-inch smartphone. In addition, it supports seamless switching between phones and large screens, eliminating all boot and wake-up modes.

TCL•XESS smart screen

Surprisingly, the TCL·XESS smart screen is equipped with a 5G technology module and lifting AI camera. It adopts quad-core smart chip and Onkyo HIFI independent professional audio module. It supports the connection of intelligent terminal devices such as refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, smart lock, etc.

The 55-inch standard variant is priced at 3,999 yuan, while the 55-inch Pro version comes at 4,999 yuan. The high-definition Pro version has improved overall configuration, mainly including: rotating rounded screen design, equipped with dual-screen dual-core dual display, memory and storage upgrade to 3+32GB, with exclusive IMAX Content, and can adapt the sound according to the horizontal and vertical screen dual mode.

These TVs are expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter.


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