The Mijia Sweeping Robot With LDS Laser Navigation Announced

On August 12, Xiaomi launched the LDS laser navigation version of the Mijia sweeping robot. It will go on sale on August 16. The price is 1999 yuan ($283).

The Mijia sweeping robot supports three sweeping modes:

  • Sweeping and dragging: side sweeping, with 2 in 1 water tank (standard machine)
  • Single sweep mode: Used with 550ml dust box (standard machine)
  • Single mopping mode: Used with 550ml water tank (water tank accessories need to be purchased separately).

It uses a professional mopping path design to simulate manual cleaning and two-way repeated wiping instead of dragging it. It is equipped with intelligent precision electronically controlled water tank and micro-controlled water pump. The 3rd gear accurately controls the water output. It cannot be blocked for a long time. It can also sense the water state. The intelligently controlled chip does not move without water and protects the wooden floor.

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The Mijia sweeping robot is equipped with the Japanese brushless motor. It comes with an adjustable air duct design and 2100Pa suction. This cleaner support LDS laser navigation with a range of 8 meters. Of course, the Mijia sweeping robot supports Xiao Ai voice assistant and remote app control. In the latter, you can see real-time cleaning status and path. You can also set the cleaning area or not allow the cleaner to enter the specific area.

Mijia sweeping robot

After the first cleaning, the Mijia sweeping robot will automatically identify the room and automatically save the partition. You can merge, split and name the partition map. In the subsequent cleaning, the process will be performed according to the room partition.

In terms of battery life, it supports 110 minutes of working time. So a 180m2 room can be swept in a single charge. Of course, this cleaner will find the charger when there is no enough power and get back to the work when charged.

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