The Roborock T7S Series Released: It Starts At 2499 Yuan ($381)

Yesterday, the Roborock T7S series sweeping and dragging robot was officially released. The new product got the sweeping and mopping robot name instead of the sweeping robot. This means that the T7S series supports mopping functions based on the T7 series of sweeping robots. The machine also won the 2021 Red Dot Design Award.

The Key Features And Advanatges

The Roborock T7S series is equipped with a variety of useful functions. It uses an intelligent lifting sonic vibration floor system, a new floating rubber brush, and an RR masonTM 8.0 algorithm system. Besides, it sports automatic dust collection without consumables for the first time. 

The Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots follows a family-oriented sleek design. The body has a cloud white stone material and a water ripple design on the top edge of the inner ring.

The Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots is the world’s first intelligently controlled lifting sonic vibration floor module. The “VibraRise” combines high-frequency sonic vibration with an automatic lifting floor wiping module. The frequency of the sonic vibration floor cleaning system is 3000 times/min. At the same time, the T7S series uses an automatic lifting and mopping module and ultrasonic carpet recognition technology. Thus, the mopping module will automatically lift when encountering a carpet. It also enhances the robot’s ability to escape. What’s more impressive it solves the problem related to the dirty mop on the ground when recharging the secondary pollution. Besides, you do not need to worry about bacterial growth and peculiar smell caused by the wet mop being stored close to the ground.

Stone Technology shared a promotional video about the Roborock new product showing the flexibility and performance of the machine. In terms of material selection, the T7S series adopts a new TPU material rubber brush. It optimizes the current main brush on the carpet and reduces the error of the robot on the carpet. For pet families, the new plastic brush design is not suitable for the entanglement of hair.

The Roborock T7S Price System

The T7S series has two versions: the Roborock T7S and the Roborock T7S Plus. The T7S costs 2,999 Yuan ($457), and the new product is priced at 2,499 Yuan ($381). The price of the T7S Plus is 3499 Yuan ($533), and the new product’s initial price is 2,799 Yuan ($427). At the same time, you can get the automatic dust collection charging stand for 2,199 Yuan ($335), and the initial price is 1,899 Yuan ($290). The pre-sale of all products will start simultaneously on all major e-commerce platforms at 10:05 on March 29.

As of March 2021, the Roborock sweeping and dragging robot has accumulated 117 OTA upgrades, with more than 6000 built-in solutions for relief. As mentioned above, the Roborock T7S series incorporates the new RR masonTM 8.0 algorithm, and core indicators such as map building, planning, etc. On top of them, the T7S Plus also supports hundreds of pan-object recognition and obstacle avoidance. The AI obstacle avoidance function uses 3D two-line structured light, 3D two-line structured light active ranging, and multi-sensors.

Furthermore, the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots supports automatic dust collection for the first time. After each cleaning, the machine will return to the charging stand for automatic dust collection to prevent users from dumping dust frequently. The capacity of the cyclone bucket is 1.5L, and the capacity of the replacement dust bag is 1.8L.

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