Mijia faucet water purifier

Xiaomi Announced Mijia Faucet Water Purifier At 119 Yuan ($17)

On May 11, Mijia’s official Weibo chancel announced a new product: Mijia faucet water purifier will start crowdfunding at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home at 10:00 on May 13. The crowdfunding price is 119 yuan ($17) and the future retail price is 149 yuan ($21).

The preheating poster shows that the appearance of the Mijia faucet water purifier continues the simple design of Mijia. The head comes with a transparent filter observation window.

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The internal filter element uses a hollow fiber ultra-fine filter membrane. The latter can filter out harmful pollutants in the micron dimension. That is to say, the filter element has many hollow tubes. And the wall of each hollow tube has a filter membrane. Tap water is precipitated through the filter membrane to achieve a purification effect.

In addition to the hollow fiber ultra-fine filter membrane, the Mijia faucet water purifier also has activated carbon, PP folding cotton, and other filter core materials.

In March this year, Xiaomi released its first pre-scale filter. It effectively filters out impurities in the water and you can connect it to a variety of water appliances and pipes. When you use the front scale suppression filter with the Mijia faucet water purifier, the effect should be ideal.

The Xiaomi pre-scale filter has a large flux of 5L/min. Plus, it has a separate filter element of 99 yuan, and a valve head version of 129 yuan. The valve head is available in T-type, L-type, and quick-connect.


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