Huizuo Smart Lamp

Xiaomi Crowdfunds A Huizuo Smart Lamp That Can “Understand” Music

Today, Xiaomi Youpin launched a Huizuo Smart Lamp. It is also a voice-activated wall lamp, for 99 yuan ($15) per piece and 699 yuan ($105) for a 9-piece special package.

Huizuo Smart Lamp

You can also choose the 12-constellation package, the quantity required ranges from 12-20 pieces, and the price ranges from 999-1700 yuan ($150-255). The main features include free splicing, music rhythm, 16 million colors, and Mijia control.

Huizuo Smart Lamp

The Huizuo Smart Lamp board has a built-in voice control device. It can change the color of the audible sound. It is controlled by four modes. The music rhythm is specially created for the game space. So, it can interact with any game sound to change the light color. The game sound is played out during multiplayer team battles. And the light follows the sound audio frequency. The change is more exciting; the lights dance with the rhythm of the sound after the black belt is turned on, the earphones are turned on, and the light is more immersive.

Use it when gaming

Huiguang board can be spliced ​​and combined on the wall and ceiling to design the most creative patterns. Thus, you can use it as creative props for game competitions, live broadcasts, or online celebrity photos.

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It can be like a puzzle, freely splice any shape you want. Through the hard-connected pieces, it can also be freely spliced ​​graphic design. And the wall becomes a large-scale puzzle scene, designing a personalized shape.

Huizuo Smart Lamp

Each light board has 16 million colors. You can control the color change by sliding the color temperature line in the mobile app and the external sound volume. Whether it is shooting short videos or taking photos, the cool lights will bring you a unique background picture.

You can connect this machine to Mijia app via Wi-Fi, and the phone can be switched on and off. It also supports voice control by Xiao Ai. On the other hand, you can control the light change with your mouth.

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