Xiaomi Crowdfunds MIJIA Smart Switch, Starting At 49 yuan

Xiaomi‘s smart home continues to expand its product offering with the launch of the MIJIA Smart Switch under crowdfunding. The product comes in two types; a single button model and a double button version. During the crowdfunding exercise, the single button version will be sold for 49 yuan (~$7) while the double button model will go for 59 yuan (~$8). It is very easy to replace, has an intelligent linkage, and also convenient OTA upgrade .

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The new Xiaomi Mijia smart switch supports Xiao Ai’s voice control. So you can turn on and off the light bulb through the voice commands. The bulb should support both smart bulbs and non-smart bulbs. The device also supports OTA upgrades and will continue to increase firmware stability in the future.

mijia smart switch

For wireless connection, the common Bluetooth Mesh protocol on the market is used to support the Bluetooth switch of smartphones.

Control light bulbs without standing up

The MIJIA Smart Switch is yet another way to simplify tasks in the home. It allows users to control their light bulbs right from the comfort of their beds without having to stand up to go turn off the lights. It is usually difficult to get up from bed during cold weathers like winter period but with this smart switch, that can be done without standing up.

mijia smart switch

In terms of service life, it has passed professional durability tests and can withstand 80,000 repeated presses, making it durable. The shell is made of V0 fireproof material. In addition, it is flame retardant and high temperature resistant. The shell can easily deal with abnormal situations encountered during use.

In terms of installation, this product is suitable for most lamps on the market and can control energy-saving lamps with a minimum of 3W. It is simple to install and truly saves time and effort.

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