Mijia Desktop Heater

Xiaomi Launched A New Mijia Desktop Heater At 129 Yuan ($19)

It’s already cold. So you should think about how to keep the house warm. In this sense, there are many products coming our way from Xiaomi. Today, Xiaomi released a Mijia desktop heater, which is currently on the shelves and open for pre-sale. Its original price is 129 yuan ($19), and the price is 119 yuan during the pre-sale ($18).

Mijia Desktop Heater

The Mijia desktop heater adopts the PTC ceramic heating element design. It can achieve instant heating, fast heating effect, and will not produce open flames, making you safer and more stable during use.

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In addition to blowing at a directional angle, the Mijia desktop heater also adds a 45° head-shaking cycle steering function. This can achieve the effect of soft air blowing and blow out a warm and gentle air.

The maximum diameter of the product body is 132mm, and the 360° hidden air inlet design provides a wider air inlet range. It is easy to place and does not occupy any space, and is suitable for different scenarios including bedrooms, offices, and dormitories.

In terms of safety, the product uses V0 fireproof material and supports dual thermal protection. When the internal temperature is too high, the thermostat will automatically stop heating. Even if the thermostat fails, the fuse will automatically cut off the circuit to prevent accidents.

In addition, the Mijia desktop heater also added a dumping power-off protection mechanism, and a built-in electronic dump switch. When it detects that the angle is not right, it will automatically start the power-off.

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