Aqara Sensor Night Light

Xiaomi Launched Aqara Sensor Night Light: The Price Is 49 Yuan ($7.5)

Yesterday, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Lumi released the Aqara sensor night light. Lumi is familiar with its smart products such as smart door locks, smart home cameras, smart cloth driers, etc.

Aqara Sensor Night Light

The Aqara sensor night light supports dual AA batteries, which guarantees 8 months of life. The users can replace the two AA batteries with rechargeable batteries. Being equipped with adhesive magnetic stickers, you can attach the device in many places such as wardrobes, corridors, etc. Furthermore, the sensor lamp has a 3200K warm yellow LED light source. It has two levels of brightness regulated through the side button, and the rated power is 0.06 W.  In terms of design, the Aqara induction light adopts a triangular prism shape, the length of which is 17.5cm. Besides, the light source part sports a white guide plate, which is soft and not dazzling.

Aqara Sensor Night Light

This Aqara sensor light has a human body + light dual sensors. The sensing distance is 5-6m, with a 120° horizontal sensing angle and a 30° longitudinal sensing angle. The sensor will turn on the light whenever it captures someone passing by, and it will automatically turn off after 15 seconds. Thus, if the sensor turns on the light 12 times a day, the lamp will last about 8 months.

The price of the Aqara sensor night light is 49 Yuan ($7.5).


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