Xiaomi Launched FunSleep 8H Clean Antibacterial Fashion Fabric Sofa

On February 26, Xiaomi ecological chain company FunSleep Technology has launched an 8H Clean antibacterial fashion fabric sofa, which is currently on the Xiaomi crowdfunding. It will be officially crowdfunded tomorrow. The price is 499 yuan for a single person, 1799 yuan for a double person, and 1999 yuan for a three-person.

When consumers return home, they often just wash their hands, do not immediately change their outerwear, or sit directly on the bedroom bed. The first place they come into contact with is the sofa in the living room. At this time, the anti-blocking function of the sofa fabric becomes extremely important.

Therefore, the FunSleep 8H Clean Antibacterial Fashion Fabric Sofa started from the new antibacterial material and structural innovation to create this antibacterial sofa. Japanese fabric antibacterial additives are added to the fabric. So the sofa can effectively block bacteria. At the same time, it keeps the odor fresh and experiences a clean environment.

FunSleep 8H Clean antibacterial fashion fabric sofa

This sofa is an iterative version of the red label sofa, with new fabric features and modern style design. The sitting depth is better than the red label sofa. After several optimizations, the final adjustment has become a ‘cloud back pack’, the feeling of enjoying in the cloud.

The fabric comes with American Teflon TM three-proof treatment, which has the lotus leaf nano-waterproof effect. When the liquid is poured onto the surface, it will be water-drop-shaped, effectively blocking the liquid. Outstanding wear-resistant colorful hemp fabric has a strong three-dimensional sense.

The back pack uses a highly breathable anti-feather cloth and Dacron fiber design. When you lean on it gently, you will feel the comfort of slow sedimentation.


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