Xiaomi Launched Its Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner – Mijia Sweeping Robot G1

Today, Xiaomi released its cheapest sweeping robot – the Mijia sweeping robot G1. It’s capable of sweeping and dragging, and comes with a triple filtering system, a 4-block suction, etc. The new vacuum cleaners costs 999 yuan ($141).

The Mijia sweeping robot G1 adopts a professional mopping path design. It is equipped with a 200ml intelligent precision electronically controlled water tank and a micro-control water pump. Due to the 3-stop precise control of the water output, it will not be blocked for a long time. It can also sense the water status.

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Also, the Mijia sweeping robot G1 comes with a Japanese NIDEC motor and has a suction power of 2200Pa. It supports 4-stop suction switching, and can clean as small things as hair and velvet gray, as large as steel balls and soybeans.

Mijia Sweeping Robot G1

It supports smart line planning. Plus it comes with an app remote control. Through the dedicated app, you can see real-time cleaning status and path, can define the cleaning area, and schedule cleaning.

At the same time, it supports the voice control of Xiao Ai. It can also be linked with an intelligent door lock.

Mijia Sweeping Robot G1

The housing of the device is quite compact, 82 mm in height, allowing him to easily go under beds and coffee tables. Obstacles up to a height of 17 mm it is also not a hindrance.

The 2500mAh battery provides up to 90 minutes of operation. Once it sense the power is less than 30%, the robot will automatically return to the charging dock to recharge.

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