Mijia 16-in-1 rachet screwdriver

Xiaomi Launched Mijia 16-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver At 99 Yuan ($14)

Lei Jun is going to the factory to tighten the screws again? Nope, Xiaomi just introduced the new upgraded version of the Mijia 8-in-1 screwdriver – the Mijia 16-in-1 ratchet screwdriver is here, priced at 99 yuan ($14).

Mijia 16-in-1 rachet screwdriver

The Mijia 16 in 1 ratchet screwdriver has two major upgrades:

  1. Ratchet upgrade: 45 teeth ratchet feel smoother
  2. Batch head upgrade: 16 types of batch heads are more widely used

The Mijia 16-in-1 ratchet screwdriver adopts an all-aluminum shell ratchet and a 45-tooth precision gear inside. It does not need to repeatedly change the position of the grip. You can continuously rotate it in one direction or fix it without rotation. The torque value is 20 N · m, saving effort and efficiency.

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The screwdriver has 8 S2 high-hardness bits. Previously, 8-in-1 was 8 single-head bits. Now, it has 8 double-head bits. The 8 bits contain 16 commonly used models with a hardness of 60HRC.

In addition, the Mijia 16-in-1 ratchet screwdriver comes with a 110mm extension rod (previously the 8-in-1 version was 105mm). It supports narrow space operations and has a wider range of use. The extension rod is removable, which takes up less space and is convenient for storage and carrying.

The screwdriver grip is made of nylon + fiberglass material, covered with TPE soft rubber, non-slip and non-stick. It adopts an ergonomic 8-sided shape. The octagonal cross-section fits the force surface formed by the thumb and the two fingers and the tiger’s mouth. Joining hands is conducive to power transmission.

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