Mijia Smart Steaming Oven

Xiaomi Launched Mijia Smart Steaming Oven At 1,499 yuan ($217),

Today, Xiaomi officially announced that the Mijia Smart Steaming Oven will start crowdfunding on the Xiaomi Mall on August 26. The original price is 1,499 yuan ($217), and the crowdfunding price is 1,299 yuan ($188).

At present, the price of steaming and baking integrated machines on the market is generally above 2500 yuan ($361). So we can say that Xiaomi has directly cut the price this time.

The Mijia Smart Steaming Oven is officially called the ‘delicious new artifact’. It has a large volume of 30L and a vertical body for easy placement. It has a variety of cooking options for steaming, roasting, frying and stewing. And it produces steam in 30 seconds.

Judging from the preheating poster, the Mijia Smart Steaming Oven adopts a desktop design, which continues the simple and pure white design of the Mijia brand. The front tempered glass side window allows us to always check the internal food cooking status.

The knob in the upper left corner can set different cooking modes. Yesterday’s preheating poster also showed a close-up of this knob. The display supports six cooking methods such as pure steaming, steaming, slow stewing, baking, air frying, and fermentation. For a juicy tender grilled chicken, it only takes 35 minutes to steam and roast.

Recently, the company also released Mijia Smart Microwave Oven. This is a multi-purpose machine, equipped with microwave and quartz tube grilling functions. It can not only complete the heating and steaming functions of the microwave oven but also use the quartz tube for grilling. Thus, it effectively saves kitchen space.

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