Xiaomi Launched Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro At 2,089 Yuan ($306)

Xiaomi’s ecological chain brand, Zhimi launched a new smart toilet lid – the Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro. The latter supports the toilet lid induction opening and closing, soft bubble water flow, warm air drying, automatic high-end functions such as deodorization, and Mijia intelligent control. The new product is currently on Tmall, with a price of 2,089 yuan ($306).

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According to the official introduction, the Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro has a built-in high-precision microwave sensor. When the user approaches the toilet within 1 meter, it can automatically open the lid and close the lid automatically after leaving the seat. In addition, the seat ring under the toilet lid can also be lifted and lowered through the control panel or smartphone. So you don’t have to touch it by your hands.

Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro

As a smart toilet lid, the core function is its flushing experience. The Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro is newly upgraded with soft bubble water flow. Before and after each use, the annular water flow will thoroughly clean the nozzle and the rod body. After leaving the seat, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is turned on to kill the bacteria on the nozzle in time. The sterilization rate is 99%.

The warm air drying of this machine has adjustable four speeds. The seat ring supports four-speed automatic heating. At the same time, due to the light sensor, the soft night light will automatically switch with the ambient light. According to the official introduction, the new product can be connected to the Mijia app and can be interconnected with other smart hardware through smartphones.

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