Xiaomi Launches New Crowdfunding Project, Enchen BlackStone Razor

On June 6, Xiaomi announced a new crowdfunding project. It’s a new razor coming our way from one of its eco-chain enterprises, Enchen. The crowdfunding price of the Enchen BlackStone Razor is only 39.9 yuan ($5.77).

Enchen BlackStone Razor Features

The Enchen BlackStone Razor offers three sets of independent floating cutter heads. The cutter head has a smooth and elastic surface. It can adapt to different facial contours and easily walk around the lips, cheeks, chin, two squats, etc., repeatedly scraping back and forth. The material of the cutter head net is made of Japanese imported steel, which is precisely fitted. When the razor is opened, the blade is automatically ground, which keeps the cutter head sharp and durable.

The knife net blade set uses a double-loop design, which greatly increases the contact area between the knife net and the face, doubles the shaving efficiency and the ultra-thin craftsmanship of the special knife net.

The power of the Enchen BlackStonr Razor is stronger. Its ESM smart shaving system is equipped with 5W high power, which ensures faster, more accurate and sturdier shaving. It comes with a 67db low noise control (lower than IEC international standard 75db). There is an intelligent anti-trap function as part of the ESM system. When the battery is low, the front knife can keep the cutter speed constant and avoid the low speed clamp.

The Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone Razor is fully charged in just one hour and can last up to 90 minutes. It is calculated on average 1.5 minutes per shaving and can be used continuously for up to 2 months. BlackStone also uses the Type-C USB charging interface to support plug-and-play operation. When the power is exhausted, the power supply can be used immediately.

The Cutter Head

BlackStone’s cutter head assembly and fuselage have a split-type design. When cleaning, the cutter head cover can be pulled out and placed under the faucet to rinse, and then washed and inserted back into the fuselage for easy operation.

The intelligent charging system adopts anti-overcharge and circuit protection design. When the power is insufficient or the power is turned on the red light flashes. When the power is full, the work light is always on.


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