Xiaomi Launches Qifeng Electric Sofa With Stepless Adjustment Function

What we love in Xiaomi is that it is represented in many niches. So you can buy any product for any need and goal and it will either come from Xiaomi or from its sub-brand. This is also true for the Xiaomi Furniture. Haven’t you heard about this? Here is a great chance for you to get acquainted with the products that Xiaomi makes for this niche. Xiaomi Youpin recently crowdfunded the Qifeng electric sofa, which can adjust the angle of the backrest of the sofa by electric power. The crowdfunding price starts from 1599 yuan ($225).

Qifeng electric sofa

The appearance of Qifeng electric sofa adopts the Nordic minimalist style, with black and white and gray colors. It is convenient to match with the existing decoration at home. Maybe in the future we will see more color variants. But taking into account the pace of launching new sofas, most likely, other colors will come our way from other products.

We have also learned that the appearance of the Qifeng electric sofa has stepless adjustment function of 103°-160°. It supports one-click switching between sitting and lying, and the double Thai latex and high elastic silk cotton in terms of comfort and wrapping.

Qifeng electric sofa

At present, the Qifeng electric sofa is in the crowdfunding of Xiaomi. It adopts comprehensive leather and Thai latex, which can realize intelligent adjustment. The adjustment angle can be from 103 degrees to 160 degrees.

We also want to remind you this is not the first product from this niche and designed by Xiaomi. But they all were produced not by the company itself.

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