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Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme Edition Coming On September 28

The leaks of the previous weeks have just been confirmed by the CEO and founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun: the new Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme Commemorative Edition is about to arrive. A Weibo blogger said that in addition to 8K+5G+Mini LED, the Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme Edition will also present SoundBar in a cooler way with a five-digit price.

We know, Xiaomi Master TV 65-inch OLED TV’s prices were too high. The special price is 12,999 yuan ($1819.99) . The Xiaomi TV Extreme Masters’ price should be more than 12,999 yuan. The possible price is 30,000 yuan ($4200).

In the promotional poster, the commemorative edition of the Mi TV Master Extreme has not been unveiled. But we have already seen that 8K and 5G will be the strengths of the new product. So, we will not only have 8K resolution, but 5G network support as well. This will be Xiaomi’s first 8K TV. The company said that 8K resolution will become the standard for ultra-high-end TVs in the next five years. And Xiaomi TV wants to be the “pioneer” in this popularization storm.


Compared with the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED, the Mi TV Master Extreme Edition adopts one of the most advanced display technologies in the world – Mini OLED. Its appearance can be regarded as a major breakthrough in the history of world display.

Mini LED display technology is a powerful and delicate backlight layer composed of tens of thousands of lamp beads. That can provide ultra-high display brightness, supplemented by a variety of light control partitions to increase the contrast ratio. On the other hand, the existence of fine light control technology allows the color to present more gray scales.

The official emphasized that the Mi TV Commemorative Edition touched the “ceiling” of picture quality.

By the way, this TV will debut on September 28.

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