Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner Will Use Smartphone-Grade Screens

Yesterday, Xiaomi launched the Mijia air conditioner replacement project claiming that the next generation of air-conditioners will be available on March 29. Xiaomi also made up its mind to change the industrial structure according to the needs of Mi fans.

On top of that, the Xiaomi Smart Life officer released a warm-up poster of this air conditioner. According to the poster, the new generation of air conditioners adopts smartphone-grade screens. Besides, it will be the chief inspector of indoor air health.

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Judging from the warm-up poster, the Xiaomi Mijia air conditioner sports a circular screen on the left side of the fuselage. Thanks to the screen, you can control time and other indicators. Several recent air conditioners of Xiaomi also have screens. But they are small circular LED displays, mainly used to display temperature, Wi-Fi, mode, and so on. Speaking about the energy efficiency, the product is 1.5 horses and supports heating and cooling frequency conversion.

As mentioned above, you can use the new generation of air conditioners as the chief inspector of indoor air health. It is worth noting that the device has various air quality sensors integrated inside. Unfortunately, it is still unclear what other core technologies the new machine will support. So, March 29 will disclose all the important features of the Mijia air conditioner.

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