Xiaomi Natural Gas Guard Officially Launched Through Crowdfunding

Today, Xiaomi launched a new and useful product dubbed the Mi Gas Guardian. The crowdfunding was officially launched earlier today. The retail price is 179 yuan ($28), and the crowdfunding price is 169 yuan yuan ($26).

The Xiaomi Natural Gas Guard is jointly created by Xiaomi and the international brand Honeywell. It has passed the fire protection product certification. When a natural gas leak is detected, the MIUI device will alarm synchronously, which perfectly integrates the natural gas detection technology with the Xiaomi AIoT intelligent experience. At the same time, the Mijia app will also push messages to remotely remind users. Even if users are not at home, they can find danger in time.

The Xiaomi Natural Gas Guard supports high-decibel sound and light alarm. When the device detects a natural gas leak, it can immediately send out a high-decibel sound and light alarm of no less than 70dB (A). In addition, the equipment is linked to the solenoid valve, and the solenoid valve is closed through the connection terminal linkage to cut off the source of leakage in time.

At the same time, the Xiaomi Natural Gas Guard has a built-in Bluetooth gateway that supports all Mijia Bluetooth gateway sub-devices. So the kitchen no longer becomes a signal blind zone. The device also supports remote self-inspection. You do not need to manually press the button to open the Mijia app to achieve remote self-inspection. Users can also check the concentration of natural gas in real time through the app.

It is expected to start shipping on June 1st.

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