Xiaomi Portable Water Heater Needs 3 Seconds To Heat Water To 100° C

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin and “Shanghai New Palace” have launched a series of water appliances. Among them, the Xiaomi portable water heater has a small size and a retractable water outlet.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi portable instant water heater uses Zheng He’s “Voyage to the west” as the main clue in ancient Chinese history. It also uses the Forbidden City element -the seawater cliff pattern as a design element. In addition, the silicone soft match of the water inlet of the hot water machine body also uses a gourd design.

The specifications of the Xiaomi portable water heater

In terms of heating time, this instant hot water machine only needs 3 seconds to heat water to 100° C. The third-stage smart water temperature adjustment uses a microcrystalline touch panel design. It can provide 45° C, 75° C, and 100° C heat according to different needs. The water heater also has an automatic cleaning program, which can drain stale water and clean pipes with one click.

portable water heater

Of course, it is worth noting that this portable hot water machine does not adopt a water tank. It doesn’t support purification too. It needs to access the water source that can be directly drunk from the water outlet. The body of the water heater uses a patented retractable spout technology to prevent the spout from being easily contaminated by various exposures. When not in use, the spout will automatically retract into the body.

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However, the ABS plastic body is frosted. The weight of the hot water machine is about the same as a bottle of 500ml water bottle. The size is half of the width of the water bottle.

portable water heater

At present, the Xiaomi Youpin water portable instant hot water machine is on the crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding price is 299 yuan ($41). However, the price of 399 yuan ($55) will be restored after crowdfunding.


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