Xiaomi Router AX9000 Released: Tri-Band 12-Antenna With All The Latest Techs

On March 29, Xiaomi released the strongest router in history – AX9000. The price is 999 yuan ($150).

Xiaomi router AX9000

The design of the Xiaomi router AX9000 is quite sci-fi. It looks like to have four antennas. In fact, there are 3 antennas in each antenna. So, there are a total of 12 high-gain antennas.

The Xiaomi router AX9000 features Qualcomm’s flagship 6-core processor – a 4-core CPU + 2-core NPU.

Xiaomi router AX9000

“AX” stands for Wi-Fi 6, while “9000” means three-band concurrency up to 9000Mbps. It also includes 2.4G band + AIoT antenna 1731Mbps, 5G band 2402Mbps, and 5G gaming band 4804Mbps.

Strong speed up to a range of 12 meters

Thanks to its Qualcomm processor, the WiFi router supports speeds of up to 4,804Mbps depending on the connected frequency. Xiaomi also placed an emphasis on connectivity and range with the new Mi AX9000 series router. The latter promises to offer strong speeds up to a range of 12 meters, through any walls or obstacles in the users’ house.

Xiaomi router AX9000

The new WiFi router also supports MU-MIMO and OFDMA. To clarify, it can support connectivity for up to 16 devices. Looking at the design, the router features a unique aesthetic with its ‘X’ shaped cross LEDs on the top of its octagonal-shaped router. Four antennas can also be observed with the rear having four LAN ports as well. Notably, the company has also offered a USB 3.0 port. For cooling, the device also sports a single fan that can keep the router cool.

Xiaomi router AX9000

Up to now, Xiaomi Wi-Fi 6 routers have four models, namely AX1800 (329 yuan ($50)), AX3600 (499 yuan ($75)), AX6000 (599 yuan ($90)), and AX9000 (999 yuan ($150)).

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