Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Officially Went On Sale

Today, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced a brand new smart door lock: Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro. The price is 1599 yuan ($244). Lei Jun introduced that Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro combines smart door lock + camera + smart doorbell into one. It is in place in one step and it is really fragrant.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro integrates three major parts: camera, doorbell and smart door lock. The latter not only has the function of electronic doorbell, but also reminds guests when they visit. The smart door lock also has an ultra-high-definition wide-angle camera. When someone stays at the door for too long, the camera will automatically wake up and start recording. After, it sends a notification to the user’s smartphone to keep abreast of the situation in front of the door.

After connecting to the Bluetooth gateway, it can push notifications locally and remotely at the same time to avoid missing visitors or express delivery. More importantly, the Mi Smart Door Lock Pro adopts a direct plug-in lock cylinder design with multiple built-in smart sensors. They accurately detect the state of the lock body.

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And the clutch transmission device of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is in the lock body. The main control chip is on the rear panel to avoid electronic interference and prevent the small black box from unlocking.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro supports 7 unlocking methods including fingerprint recognition, long-term password, temporary password, Bluetooth, NFC, key and HomeKit. It fully meets the unlocking needs of the whole family. It also has the smart linkage of Xiaomi IoT and HomeKit to achieve a smarter life experience.

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