Stone Sweeping Robot T6

Xiaomi Stone Sweeping Robot T7 Will Come On March 23

Today, Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise Stone Technology officially announced that the new flagship smart vacuum cleaner namely the Stone Sweeping Robot T7 will be officially released on March 23. As you guess, it will get some improvements. This time, they refer to the algorithms, sweeping and mapping.

The Stone Sweeping Robot T7 will be equipped with the new RR mason7.0 algorithm system, support the new constant-voltage controlled large water tank and large suction upgrade, and have a new multi-map management and fine custom cleaning solution.

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This is also the first time that Stone Technology announced the Stone Sweeping Robot T7. But we can make some guess based on the previous generation, T6.

The LDS navigation system of the Roborock Sweep T6 upgrades a new generation of laser mapping algorithm, which brings faster, more stable and more accurate mapping capabilities, and automatically recognizes the room and presses like a human.

In addition, the upgraded Rock Navigation path plan is smarter than the previous generation. Based on the principle of long-edge priority and the principle of proximity, the Roborock Sweep T6 sweeps faster in narrow areas, does not go far, does not take the road, and improves cleaning efficiency by 20%.

Thanks to the abovementioned two upgrades, the Map Management 3.0 system of the Roborock Sweep T6 can accurately remember the user’s home map after the first cleaning is completed, providing users with more personalized cleaning operations, supporting selection cleaning and zone cleaning. You can also set the virtual wall in the restricted area.


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