Xiaomi Stone Sweeping Robot Won European Hardware Award 2020

On June 29, the European Hardware Awards EHA 2020 winner list was officially out, covering multiple categories. Among them, the Xiaomi Stone sweeping robot won the best smart home product award.

The Stone sweeping robot T6, which won the award for the best smart home product, comes with a patented lidar system. It supports AI sweeping path planning and wakes up with Xiaoai voice assistant. Its suction power reaches 2000Pa, which is enough to handle minor-size particles. It sports a 5200mAh lithium battery and supports 2cm powerful obstacle crossing.

The Stone sweeping robot T6 marble version has previously won the German iF Design Award.

Stone sweeping robot

The newly upgraded Stone sweeping robot T7 has a multi-map management 4.0 system. There is a built-in 5200mAh battery. It also supports humanized custom water control functions. The T7 Pro adopts a minimalist design and supports LDS laser navigation + AI binocular obstacle avoidance and other functions. In addition, the upgraded Rock Navigation path plan is smarter than the previous generation. Based on the principle of long-edge priority and the principle of proximity, the Roborock Sweep T6 sweeps faster in narrow areas, does not go far, does not take the road, and improves cleaning efficiency by 20%.

The European Hardware Award is given by the European Hardware Association. It consists of 100 senior journalists and editors from nine well-known European hardware media.

In addition, AMD also won many awards including the best product and the best new technology, including the best product (AMD three-generation desktop Ruilong processor), the best new technology (AMD Ruilong small chip design), the best Processor (AMD Ryzen 9 3950X), best gaming processor (AMD Ryzen 5 3600), best overclocking processor (AMD Ryzen 3 3300X).

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