Xiaomi Tea Drinking Artifact Big Promotion: 380ml Volume

There is a tea-drinking artifact in Xiaomi Mall – a ceramic teacup with a wooden handle that separates tea and water. The original price is 99 yuan ($15), but now it is 79 yuan ($12).

This teacup has a volume of 380ml and uses a large-capacity ceramic carcass design for a larger capacity. It is a set of elegant three-piece style with tea cup, filter liner and lid. You can match it the way you like.

Xiaomi Tea Drinking Artifact

The outer layer of the teacup is made of high-grade black glaze. It is steady and heavy and has a large texture. The elegant celadon glaze is applied inside the cup. It is warm and moist as jade. So, the latter makes the tea soup color clearer and richer.

Xiaomi Tea Drinking Artifact

The wooden handle ceramic tea cup is quenched and fired at a high temperature of about 1260°C. On the other hand, it uses a self-developed glaze. A self-developed glaze is manually sprayed by a professional technician, with a very low yield.

Pull-type filtering method

Compared with other traditional tea utensils, the celadon glaze in the ceramic tea cup with wooden handle is delicate and smooth. Even if it is stained with tea stains, you can easily clean it, bringing more convenience to tea lovers.

The Xiaomi tea-drinking artifact uses a food contact grade 304 stainless steel filter to effectively filter the tea dregs. At the same time, it adopts the pull-type filtering method, which is practical and convenient. Therefore, you can brew all kinds of tea. For tea lovers, it can be a good choice to spend their evening.

As it features a solid wood anti-scalding handle, it not only keeps heat insulation and anti-scalding but also makes the teacup more high-quality, attractive, and practical. Moreover, a lid is dual-purpose. The top of the lid is comfortable to hold. And you can place the tea drain even when flipped.

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