Xiaomi TV 5 Series Side Exposure: Narrow Border Design

Today evening, digital blogger @Wuli_ Xiaohai exposed the microphone side of the Xiaomi TV 5 series on Weibo. You can see the border is relatively narrow.

The exposure picture only shows a small part of the TV. You can see the side of the Xiaomi TV 5 series real machine. Previously, the official introduction said that Xiaomi TV 5 uses a more comprehensive full-screen design with a border width of 1.8mm. It is 47.1% narrower than that of Xiaomi TV 4. The whole machine uses a metal body, an integrated bent frame. A back plate without screws, and a fuselage thickness. 5.9mm.

Xiaomi TV 5

Based on previous information, Xiaomi TV 5 series is equip with the most advanced 12nm process technology chip in the TV industry, supporting 8K video decoding. The official said that the performance of the previous generation CPU is 63% higher. It is equip with 4GB+64GB large storage and more applications. The system is smooth and not stuck.

In addition, the Xiaomi TV 5 series will be equip with a four-unit speaker. At the same time, Xiaomi optimizes its acoustic waveguide structure to improve the acoustic response curve, making the product more thick, more treble and more broad. At the same time, the Xiaomi TV 5 series also supports dual decoding of Dolby and DTS audio.

Finally, the Xiaomi TV 5 series will be officially released at 2 pm tomorrow (November 5), and the IT House will bring detailed reports, so stay tuned.

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