Xiaomi TV Preheating Poster: 8K, We Are Ready

Xiaomi TV official Wei just released a preheating poster for Xiaomi Full Screen TV Pro. The poster says “8K, We Are Ready.

Yesterday, Xiaomi TV officially announced the rendering of Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro. According to the official statement, Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro is all made of metal design. With aluminum alloy oxidized frame and aluminum base. In addition, Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro also has a specially designed 3D carbon fiber texture beauty back. Taking into account the heat and beauty, printed with the brand logo of Xiaomi.

It is not clear whether Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro is a full-scale 8K. However, it is inferred from the current situation that Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro supports 8K decoding playback. The real 8K panel is still very difficult to popularize.

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