Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch Full-Screen Announced At 899 Yuan ($126)

Xiaomi is working on so many devices simultaneously that most of them are launched quietly. Say, do you know that today Xiaomi released a new TV? I guess no because there was no official statement or any announcement made for media. Anyway, we have to admit that the Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch full-screen TV is out. It will be available on all channels on May 25. The 32-inch version still costs 899 yuan ($126).

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The new product highlights of the Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch full-screen includes:

  1. a full-screen design, with a higher screen ratio, and an immersive viewing experience beyond imagination;
  2. built-in Xiaoai voice commands, standard voice remote control, and a search control device;
  3. full HD excellent picture quality, showing rich details;
  4. 1GB + 8GB storage and rich interface to meet diverse entertainment upgrade needs.

Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro 32-inch is different from the previous 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch versions, and uses a 1080P 60Hz screen. And when it comes to the hardware, this TV also can boast of some features. Say, the Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch is equipped with a quad-core CPU and comes standard with 1GB + 8GB storage.

Xiaomi TV Pro 32-inch

In other aspects, this device has a built-in Xiaoai voice control assistant. Plus, there is the well-known PatchWall system. And at last, this TV comes with a DTS decoder, 2 × 6W speakers, 12-key Bluetooth voice remote control, etc.

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