Xiaomi TV Stick

Xiaomi TV Stick Showed It Face Through Xiaomi Germany

Two weeks ago there were rumors that the Xiaomi TV Stick may be released soon. Now, the German branch of Xiaomi has confirmed the existence of this device and even showed its appearance.

We can learn some information about the product from the picture. First of all, we can clearly see that there is a Google Assistant button on the remote control of the Xiaomi TV stick. This simply means that this TV stick will definitely be equipped with Android TV system.

Xiaomi TV Stick

Secondly, we can clearly see the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video buttons on the remote control. Combining the pictures from Xiaomi Germany, we can speculate that this device should be released globally, not just in certain regions.

Finally, it can also be speculated from previous rumors that the Xiaomi TV stick is likely to be as powerful as the Xiaomi Mi Box S. In other words, it will support 4K HDR, DTS-HD and Dolby stereo, and dual-band Wi-Fi. But the size is too small. It’s almost identical to the size of a flash drive.

There are rumors that the price of the product will be $80. But considering that the starting price of Xiaomi Box S is only $59, the rumored price of Xiaomi TV stick seems a bit high.

Other information is unclear. Earlier reports said that the Xiaomi TV stick uses the plug-and-play concept, and the measurements are only 9.50 x 3.50 x 2.00 cm. In terms of configuration, the CPU is Jingchen S905 Y2 processor (quad-core A53). And it integrates the Mali-G31 MP2 GPU, coming with a 2GB DDR4 RAM and an 8GB ROM.

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