Xiaomi TV Takes 39% Of Overal Indian TV Market

Today, Xiaomi TV quoted IDC data and said that in the first quarter of this year, Xiaomi’s omnichannel share of smart TV in the Indian market was as high as 39%. In other words, it is equal to the sum of LG (2nd place), Sony (3rd place), and Samsung (4th place).

Xiaomi has entered this business not that long ago. But in a few years, it managed to design and launch outstanding TV products. What’s more important they continue Xiaomi’s cost-effective price policy. As the company has announced on this regard, ‘it turns out that good products that are priced affordable will be loved by consumers everywhere.’ Agree, Xiaomi doesn’t invent the wheel once again. It just designs the products with a minimalistic approach, puts the corresponding hardware under the hood, develops its own system, and be done with it.

In fact, not only in India, but Xiaomi TV is popular in other markets as well. According to the statistical coming our way from GFK, after the debut of Xiaomi TV in the Russian market on June 18, it quickly pressed many opponents, and become the number 1 TV brand.

We are talking about India and Russia (in fact, two big markets), but Xiaomi TV has won the hearts of Chinese first. For a few quarters, Xiaomi TV has been the toppest brand in China. But if in Russia and other markets, it succeeds with the 55-inch model, in China, it is the 32-inch version.

Just recently, the manufacturer announced the cumulative sales of the Xiaomi TV 4A 32-inch exceeded 2.6 million units. This is a new record for the Chinese TV industry. Also, it has become the highest-selling LCD TV product in China.


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