Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner Announced at 1299 Yuan

Gone are the days when we have to spend many hours cleaning homes. Now everything is done either by a robotic vacuum cleaner or by wireless and lightweight cleaners. Xiaomi, which has started making wireless cleaners for a long time, has announced a new product today. Of course, it is in the crowdfunding state now. But as usual, it will take only a short time to reach the crowdfunding goal and start production. The upcoming product is named the Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner. The latter integrates sweeping, vacuuming and mopping functions. The crowdfunding price is 1299 yuan ($189).

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The Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner has a suction air duct design commonly used on vacuum cleaners. It has a 7200pa powerful suction, which can instantly absorb dust, melon shells, rice grains, eggshells, and other common household stains. It can also take on liquid stains such as oil, milk, juice, soy sauce, etc.

Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner

The brush head of the Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner sprinkles the floor while also cleaning it. The two independent water tanks are responsible for the storage of water and sewage. At the same time, the unique front foot scraper design is adopted. This makes the roller brush melt with water during the high-speed rotation process. Also, it automatically cleans the dirt on the roller brush to achieve the self-cleaning effect without manual brushing.

Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner

After the discomfort of the cable vacuum cleaners, the Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner really looks and performs amazingly. In fact, there is no distance limit, no entangling of wires, and you can pick it up whenever you want. The motor drives the fuselage forward, enjoying a lightweight experience while ensuring strong suction and strong washing. The handle rotates at multiple angles of 60°. This makes cleaning the bottom of low furniture easier.

Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner

In addition to the functions, the Xiaomi Wireless Floor Cleaner also continues the minimalist style of Xiaomi products. It uses a streamlined design. It also comes with two brush heads. It is expected to start shipping on August 31.

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