Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Art

Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Art DXOMARK Score Announced: 104 Points

It is an acceptable tactic that the smart things produced by the manufacturer pass some tests. The Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Art Battery Edition is not an exception since it has recently passed the test. On November 9, DXOMARK announced that this speaker scored 104 points. As a reminder, Xiaomi launched the XiaoAI Speaker Art in May. Then, it became available in Europe and India with little but important improvements. The main change is the Google Assistant which effectively impacted the speaker.

DXOMARK is a famous independent benchmark that assesses the quality of smartphone cameras, audio, and display. In addition, the company works under controlled lab conditions spending more than 20 hours for the tests. That is why Xiaomi trusts and frequently assigns them to assess its smart products.

XiaoAI Speaker Art Performance

According to DXOMARK’s report, the XiaoAI speaker art has an excellent mid-range frequency, and the head sound of the musical instrument is perfect in all usage scenarios. At the same time, the mid and high frequency is accurate, so the position is amazing. Although it is plugged in or battery-powered, its range balance and volume performance are the same. Thus, tonal balance and overall volume performance are consistent. Although mono with a front-firing speaker causes big limitations, the localizability is good due to accurate high-mids clarity from quiet to nominal volume levels.

DXOMARK also estimated the cost/efficiency ratio mentioning that this XiaoAI speaker has good performance and low prices.  Besides, it is relatively light at 853 grams and 15.1 x 13.1 x 10.4 centimeters dimensions. Below you can find the main features that made the score be so high.

XiaoAI Speaker Art Key Specifications That Increased The Score

  • One 12W speaker
  • HE–AAC and LC-AAC audio formats
  • Front-firing speaker position
  • Dual bass boosters
  • 2.5-inch full-range speakers (professionally tuned by DTS)
  • Mono software platform

As we mentioned above, DXOMARK has a diligent team. They tested the XiaoAI Speaker Art with Motorola G8 and Xiaomi TV Box S. It goes without saying that the speaker worked well with both of them.  

With 104 points, the XiaoAI Speaker Art is the third in the DXOMARK Wireless Speaker Essential ranking list. The leaders are the Amazon Echo Studio (1st) and the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker HD (2nd). These two speakers have higher sub-scores of playback attributes, playback timbre, music frequency response, dynamics, spatial comparisons, etc.  

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker и XiaoAI Speaker HD являются одними из лучших по  версии DxOMark - GizChina.it

DXOMARK also mentioned some disadvantages of the XiaoAI speaker. Firstly, the maximum volume is too low comparing with the opponent speakers in the particular segment. Hence, it is not convenient to use it during parties while it is perfect when watching movies. Besides, volume response is not fast which sometimes inhibits watching movies and videos.


The Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Art Battery Edition does great within the scope of limitations. The front-firing speaker enhances the performance and deserves to be the third. The speaker is now officially on sale at 399 Yuan ($51). It appears with a black and gold color scheme and has 16 million gradient streamer effects.           


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