Xiaomi Youpin Comes In With Heating Lamp: Ceiling Lamp and Electric Heater

On March 5, Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding will launch a heating lamp. In total, there will be two models. The square version has a crowdfunding price of 799 yuan ($115), while the rectangular version will cost 999 yuan ($143). Its retail price is expected to be 1799 ($258) yuan and 1999 yuan ($287), respectively. So the crowdfunding price is less than half of the original price.

xiaomi heating lamp

This lamp uses a two-in-one function design. It can not only meet the needs of home lighting but also bring you warmth. It can warm up for three seconds after starting. Thus, no pre-heating is needed, no motor rotates and no air supply during heating. It makes heating quieter.

The square model’s length and width are 60cm, thickness is 12cm, lighting is 80W, and heating is 1000W.

xiaomi heating lamp

The rectangular model is 90cm long, 60cm wide, 12cm thick, and has 120W lighting and 1300W heating.

The heating plate adopts a compression-type surface texture design, which increases the heating area by 20%, fast circulation and heat dissipation. It is light in weight, high in strength, and no deformation in a high temperature of 400 degrees. The quality and life are guaranteed.

Traditional hot air and radiant heating and heating methods have energy dispersion, slow thermal effects, and dry air with dust. Long-term operation will cause physical discomfort and affect health. This heating lamp uses far-infrared heating without wind. It is not easy to take away moisture from the air.

The lamp beads are arranged evenly and reasonably, reducing light loss and providing uniform light effect without glare. The sheet is made of thickened PC material, which is accurately cut. It has a uniform thickness, good flexibility, and high light transmittance.

The Xiaomi heating lamp also connects the Mijia smart home. You can control the light and temperature of your home by opening the mobile app. You can also use the voice of Xiaoai Audio to control it.


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