Xiaomi Youpin Launched A Hormann Pet Water Dispenser

According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China’s single adult population reached 240 million in 2018, of which more than 77 million adults lived alone. This number will rise to 92 million by 2021. In this context, kittens and puppies have become the companions of many young people. So the post-95 generation has become an emerging force for cat slaves. In 2018, the number of post-95 cat slaves increased by more than 100%. On December 2, Xiaomi Youpin launched a Hormann pet water dispenser. The original price was 299 yuan ($46) and the current price was 199 yuan ($31).

The Hormann pet water dispenser uses Hormann’s core patented wireless water pump technology. It is safe and easy to disassemble and wash. So there is no need to worry about the difficult disassembly and cleaning of ordinary water dispensers.

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Through the use of magnetic induction wireless power supply, combined with the technology of wireless charging of smartphones, this pet water dispenser truly realizes the separation of water and electricity. With the internal and external three-fold physical isolation, the known safety level is increased by 100%. In addition, for the noise problem of ordinary pet drinking fountains, Hormann has carefully designed 20 seamless and silent water channels. It is for reducing the working decibel to 38dB. The quiet operation does not affect the normal life of the owner.

It is worth mentioning that the bucket and outer bucket of the Hormann pet water dispenser have a separate design. It also has a smooth inner wall and no corners, which is easy to clean. Inside the machine, an integrated water level sensor is installed to monitor the water level more accurately. When the water level is lower than the safe water level, the water pump will stop working to prevent the water pump from burning dry.

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