Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1 Released

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1

This morning, Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye M1 under its Youpin platform. It has an AI human face recognition system and provides a 60-day battery life.

Installation of the Xiaomi multifunctional video doorbell “Cat Eye” increases the security of the apartment. It has compact dimensions, a large 7-inch display, HD resolution, night shooting, and security protection.
In appearance, it looks like a big cat eye. The autonomic system allows it to work for quite a long time. The shooting quality is clear in the smallest details and it can broadcast on the screen of a smartphone via Wi-fi.
In terms of camera, the Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1 uses a 2MP camera. The viewing angle of the camcorder is 166 degrees.

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1

A large 7-inch LCD screen, made of tempered glass, and a resolution of 1024 x 600, gives an opportunity to understand what is happening behind the door at a glance. Such features make it convenient even for the elder people.

Let’s see how this smart video doorbell works: when a visitor rings the smart doorbell, the screen automatically lights-up, which allows you to see clearly the situation outside the door and improve the safety awareness of the family.

What Advantages The Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1 Has?

The Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1 uses Xiaomi’s face recognition algorithm. The latter can identify information, such as the age and gender of the visitors. It can also mark the identity of family and friends on the next visit. Xiaomi’s multifunctional video doorbell also has a PIR human infrared sensing function. Staying outside for too long, it triggers an alarm and shoots short videos. If you are not at home, you can connect to the Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1 through a smartphone and conduct voice inquiries directly.

As for the battery life, it uses a low-power design and sports a 5000mAh capacity lithium battery. It’s officially said that this smart doorbell can be used for up to about 60 days on a single charge. When the battery is too low, Mijia App software will push a low battery notification to remind you to charge in time.

The crowdfunding price of this unrepeatable Xiaomi Youpin Smart Cat Eye M1 is 369 yuan ($52).


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