Philips Zhirui

Xiaomi Youpin Started The Pre-Sale Of Philips Zhirui Ceiling Lamp

Today, the minimalist version of the Philips Zhirui ceiling lamp landed on Xiaomi Youpin and started pre-sale. It can ‘cover’ three bedrooms and two halls (including installation) for about 2500 yuan ($370.5). Philips Zhirui ceiling lamp has four kinds of lamps: living room lamp 80W (smart), bedroom lamp 40W (smart), bedroom lamp 28W (smart), balcony lamp (non-smart). The prices are respectively 949 yuan ($141), 399 yuan ($60), and 299 yuan ($45), 59 yuan ($9).

Philips Zhirui

There are also various packages, including one bedroom and one living room (1269 yuan ($189)), two bedrooms and one living room (1639 yuan ($243)), two bedrooms and two living rooms (1959 yuan ($291)), three bedrooms and one living room (1899 yuan ($282)), three bedrooms and two living rooms (2299 yuan ($341)). It should be noted that the above price is the pre-sale price. The future listing price will be higher. In addition, the installation fee is not included. The most expensive three-bedroom and two-hall installation fee is 220 yuan ($33).

Among them, the living room lamp 80W is 100cm in length and 68cm in width, and has an ultra-high brightness of 6200lm. According to the company, even in a 50-square-meter large apartment living room, when reading in the corner, you won’t feel any inconvenience. The traditional ceiling lamp can only illuminate the bottom of the lamp. The Philips Zhirui ceiling lamp can illuminate the back and the surroundings of the lamp. At the same time, it spreads the light across the entire ceiling and pours down the wall to the ground. While brightening the room, it creates a rich level of light effect.

The Philips Zhirui ceiling lamp adopts dynamic daylight algorithm. You can get your geographic location and network time through app. According to the identified longitude and latitude positioning, it can realize dynamic and smooth switching of cold and warm light every 30 seconds. It also supports 2700-5700K warm and cold color temperature, 1%-100% brightness adjustment. You can freely combine your light formula according to your own preferences, not only for lighting, but also for sleeping. Under 1% low-brightness warm lighting, as if you sleep soundly in a moonlight room.

The ceiling lamp also uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-mode chips. They can be used as a Bluetooth gateway to link with other Mijia Bluetooth devices.

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